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Why Us?

What makes the Tommyhead Jig different?

Tommyhead Jig Red Bug colorIt all starts with choosing the right hook – in our case, a 60° flat eye, standard wire Mustad. The 60° eye in the hook causes the hook, and whatever soft plastic is attached, to be suspended from the bottom rather than lying flat on the bottom. This makes the soft plastic float in a more realistic way, closer to the positioning of the live bait the fisherman is trying to imitate. With the flat eye, the hook eye faces the point of the hook rather than being parallel with the hook. This puts the point of the hook towards the top of the fish’s mouth, which results in better hook sets.

The jig head has the benefit of both a collar and a barb. With both features incorporated into the jig, the soft plastic is more firmly attached to the hook and is less likely to slide down (or off) when the jig is thrown. This contrasts with the typical jig, where the fisherman has to use SuperGlue™ or some other technique to hold the soft plastic in place. Not having to use SuperGlue™ also eliminates the possibility of damaging the carpet in the boat!

Having both the collar and barb also provides a means of attaching a rattle and/or skirt to the jig, both of which draw the fish’s attention to the lure.

This jig is a unique combination of features to increase the effectiveness of your fishing. See what users of the Tommyhead are saying about what it does for them.


Each jig is hand poured, inspected, and hand dipped using the best powder paints on the market today, and baked to a glossy finish. The baked powder paint is extremely hard and durable, lasting much longer than typical hand painting.

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